Abscessed Tooth & Your Overall Health

How an Abscessed Tooth can Damage Your Health

Abscessed Tooth & Your Overall Health

Despite marketing campaigns and seminars in schools, the importance of maintaining oral and dental health has not quite caught on universally. Some people may downplay their critical need to consistently brush and floss their teeth, and when this happens, they open themselves to the increased possibility of developing tooth and gum infections. In the video below, root canal specialist Aaron McCann explains how an abscessed tooth can damage your health and why it is essential to treat these issues as early as possible.

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How Can An Abscessed Tooth Damage Your Health?

Our bodies are complete working units, and oral infections, periodontal infections, and dental infections can affect other aspects of the body, such as heart conditions and diabetes. An infection present in an individual tooth is usually a localized infection, but if the infection is not treated over time, it could spread and become a more generalized infection.

In fact, over 90 percent of serious and systemic health conditions such as diabetes present oral signs and symptoms first. Certain oral cancer precursors can also be detected early by analyzing a patients saliva. Saliva is one of our bodies primary lines of defense against bacteria, so ensuring we stay on top of our oral health is vital in maintaining a healthy body.

If you or someone you love is dealing with an abscessed tooth, you should not postpone treatment to fix the affected tooth and halt the infection in its tracks, as the longer you wait, the greater a chance that the infection has to spread.

Regular brushing and flossing can help prevent plaque from building up on your teeth and gums. When there is an excessive plaque buildup, bacteria thrives which can lead to further infection. If left unchecked, this can lead to more serious oral health concerns such as gum disease, and periodontitis.

We hope that you are following a routine brushing and flossing schedule but if you or a loved one is suffering from an abscessed tooth and have questions about if it could be affecting your health, don’t wait for the infection to spread, contact us today!

At Precision Endodontics, we believe that all dental treatment should be painless and comfortable. We expect that your entire experience from the time you choose to make us a part of your dental team until the completion of your treatment will be smooth, painless and precise.

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