After a Root Canal Apicoectomy

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After a Root Canal Apicoectomy

If you are experiencing pain after a root canal, you may want to know about the option of having an Apicoectomy done. Pain after dental work can be frustrating and you just want to start feeling better. Sometimes after a root canal, you may need to have and Apicoectomy to clean up the area and start the healing process. Here is some information you will want to know if you need an Apicoectomy.

The process of apicoectomies has as its objective the strengthening of teeth with advanced techniques.  Minimally-invasive root canals almost never fail. However, if your root canal fails, a surgical back-up plan is available.

Problems That May Develop After Root Canal Procedure

After a root canal, debris and bacteria can sometimes stay behind deep inside crevices that are very difficult for even experienced professionals to reach. That is why an Apicoectomy is often a good choice. This is because this procedure repairs the source of the problem.

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Apicoectomies (apicoectomies) is the microsurgical removal of the apex of the infected root.  As a rule, only patients who have had at least one unsuccessful root canal and are not good retreatment candidates should consider an Apicoectomy.

Since tooth roots are not much bigger than blood vessels, endodontists will often use an advanced digital microscope to locate the tip of the root and gently remove it. The area is then filled and sealed to form a permanent bond.

After an Apicoectomy

Because an Apicoectomy works from the bottom up, healing also occurs from the bottom up.  This gradual process often leads to better results. Furthermore, the shorter root tips make the tooth stronger, because bone tissue grows in its place.

As in almost all surgical procedures, some mild discomfort and inflammation is normal for the first few days. However, an over-the-counter pain reliever is typically sufficient to alleviate any discomfort.  We also recommend that most patients chew on the other side of their mouths for a few days.

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