Buffalo Endodontist Explains if an Implant is Better than a Root Canal

As an experienced Buffalo Endodontist, I often talk to patients that wonder if an implant is better than a root canal. Watch this video to learn more.

  • Because of dental implant advertisements on television and radio, people frequently ask why they shouldn’t just have their teeth removed and replaced with implants.
  • Both options are great because implants are the best alternative for replacing lost teeth.
  • Keeping your natural teeth healthy and comfortable as long as possible is the ideal – and retaining natural teeth is the goal of our office.
  • If that isn’t the best choice for you, however, we will speak with your dentist or oral surgeon about the possibility of implants.

This educational video was brought to you by Dr. Aaron McCann, an experienced Buffalo Endodontist specializing in root canals.

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