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Dental Trauma We Can Still Treat

Dental Trauma We Can Treat Emergency Dentist in Buffalo, NY

Learn About The Types Dental Trauma We Can Still Treat Despite Covid-19 If you are experiencing oral discomfort due to dental trauma, you may be worried about how to care for your issue. Especially in light of the Coronavirus, many dentists are closed by mandate. However, at our office there are several forms of dental […]

Dental Emergency Treatment

Have a Dental Emergency? Go to Endodontist First, Not Emergency Room or Urgent Care!

Have a Dental Emergency? Go to Endodontist First, Not Emergency Room or Urgent Care! With hospitals and emergency rooms overloaded, endodontist offices remain open for dental emergencies for those suffering from extreme tooth pain or other oral health related emergencies such as those that might require root canal treatment. During the constantly evolving COVID-19 pandemic, […]

Emergency Dental Treatment

Emergency Dental Treatment Urgent Dental Care Precision Endodontics

Emergency Dental Treatment in Buffalo, NY With the spread of COVID-19 that causes the Coronavirus, there has been a sharp decline in available dentists in Western New York due to a government mandate. At Precison Endodontics, we understand that not all dental treatment is cosmetic. Many patients are in pain, experiencing swelling, or other symptoms […]

Types of Tooth Injuries

Tooth Injuries Treatments for Damaged Teeth Endodontist in Buffalo, NY

Types of Tooth Injuries Dental trauma can take many forms. When you are suffering from a tooth injury, you will likely be experience pain and discomfort. Whether you can see a crack, a cavity, or nothing at all, it doesn’t mean there is not an underlying (often invisible) issue that is causing the pain and […]

Abscessed Teeth

Abscessed Teeth Tooth Infection Treatment Buffalo Root Canal Dentist

How To Recognize & Treat Abscessed Teeth If you are dealing with abscessed teeth or an infected tooth, you’re probably experiencing a lot of pain and want to get to a dentist as soon as possible. At Precision Endodontics, PC we help patients suffering from abscessed teeth every day. When a dental abscess occurs, bacteria […]