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Root Canal Success Rates

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Root Canal Success Rates Root canal treatments are specifically designed to restore teeth after a crack or a chip has made them vulnerable to infection. When an orthodontist enters an infected tooth, he or she can delve into the tooth’s root, knock out the infection, fill in the space that was created during the procedure, […]

How to Prepare for a Root Canal

How to Prepare for a Root Canal | Precision Endodontics | RootCanal Prep

If you’ve ever experienced pain from decaying teeth, you may be familiar with a root canal, but may not know how to prepare for a root canal. Tooth decay can occur for a number of reasons including poor dental hygiene, poor diet, and medical issues. Rather than having to endure a painful tooth extraction, a […]

Root Canal for Kids

Root Canal for Kids | Precision Endodontics | Pediatric Dentistry

When kids are young, they can have dental issues that if left alone can lead to severe problems throughout the rest of their life. One type of these issues involves a decaying tooth due to wearing from sugar consumption or other cause. A root canal is a treatment for decaying, or infected teeth. During the […]

Pain-Free Root Canal Treatment

Pain-Free Root Canal Treatment | Enhanced Dental Technology

How Enhanced Dental Technology Helped Make Root Canals Pain-Free Have you been experiencing a lot of pain in one or more of your teeth that cause you discomfort throughout your day? Is this pain increasingly getting worse, or is the pain so severe it is preventing you from completing daily tasks such as eating? If […]

Vital Pulp Therapy

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Vital Pulp Therapy Technology has greatly improved over time thanks to increasing knowledge and understanding of medical procedures. This does not solely relate to the body, but the mouth too. Because of this, new ideas and concepts have been created relating to dental health and maintaining strength for longer. One example of such technologies is […]

Baby Root Canal

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Baby Root Canal While every parent does their best to try to take care of their child’s teeth, it can be a difficult job and can feel like a losing battle.  Even after the best attempts at good oral hygiene, parents can be surprised to find that their children have rotten teeth and may even […]