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Dental Anxiety

Dental Anxiety | Root Canal Treatment Buffalo, NY | Precision Endodontics

Easing Your Dental Anxiety at Precision Endodontics Are you in need of a root canal but have dental anxiety that is making you nervous or uneasy? At Precision Endodontics, we understand sometimes patients have phobias or dental anxiety associated with treatment. The good news is that many of people have preconceived misconceptions about treatment. People […]

Common Root Canal Concerns

Common Root Canal Concerns Endodontist in Buffalo, NY

Common Root Canal Concerns If you are considering undergoing root canal treatment, you likely have questions about the procedure and what to expect. There are many common root canal concerns we hear from patients. However, many people are surprised to find out that a root canal is actually a routine procedure that should be quick […]

Preparing for Root Canal Treatment

Preparing for Root Canal Treatment Endodontist in Buffalo, NY

Learn How To Prepare For Your Upcoming Root Canal Treatment If you are scheduled to undergo root canal therapy, you may be wondering what you should do before you head into the office for the procedure. Preparation is key so you know what to expect and are not surprised on the date of your appointment. […]

Root Canal Specialist in Buffalo, NY

Root Canal Specialist in Buffalo, NY Precision Endodontics, PC

Root Canal Specialist in Buffalo, NY Are you in need of a root canal in Buffalo? Our root canal specialist provides pain-free root canals throughout Western New York. With convenient offices located in West Seneca and Williamsville, NY we would love to help alleviate your pain with a pain-free root canal experience. At our office, […]

Dental Emergency Treatment

Have a Dental Emergency? Go to Endodontist First, Not Emergency Room or Urgent Care!

Have a Dental Emergency? Go to Endodontist First, Not Emergency Room or Urgent Care! With hospitals and emergency rooms overloaded, endodontist offices remain open for dental emergencies for those suffering from extreme tooth pain or other oral health related emergencies such as those that might require root canal treatment. During the constantly evolving COVID-19 pandemic, […]

Root Canal Treatment: General Overview

Root Canal Preparation

Root canals… Most of us pale significantly when we hear those two words, especially from the mouth of a dentist. However, aside from the fact that most stories about painful root canals are untrue because root canals actually do not hurt, dentists also point out that the temporary discomfort you may feel following a root […]

Treating Dental Trauma

Treating and Repairing Dental Trauma in Buffalo, NY

Treating Dental Trauma in Buffalo, NY Although mouth guards greatly reduce the risk, about 5 million teeth a year are avulsed (completely “knocked out”), extruded (partially dislodged), or cracked during sporting events. While cracked, or chipped teeth may not require immediate care, both avulsed and extruded teeth need immediate attention if the tooth is to […]

Therapy Dog Benefits

Therapy Dog Benefits | Precision Endodontics, PC | Dental Anxiety | Coco

Dental Anxiety   Have you ever felt anxious knowing you needed to go to the dentist? Here at Precision Endodontics we understand your concern. Not everyone feels comfortable at a dentist office and that is why we want to do everything we can to make you feel comfortable.  Coco, who is also known as the director of clinical […]

Dental Therapy Dog Benefits

Coco - Dental Therapy Dog Benefits | Root Canal Specialist in Buffalo, NY

Dental Therapy Dog Benefits Anxiety and fear are very common experiences and feelings in the human psyche. These feelings come from our natural born and intrinsic instincts imposed upon us to warn and protect us from potentially dangerous effects. Our fears and anxieties may kick in during non-life-threatening situations too, though. Statistically, at least 35 […]