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Why We Use A Dental Microscope

Why We Use A Dental Microscope

Root canal treatments are essential for correcting major dental problems, but the procedures are delicate and must be carefully performed in order to avoid complications. To ensure that every root canal treatment is successful, a dental microscope is used to identify the complicated root structure of each affected tooth. In the video below, root canal […]

3 Oral Infection Facts

3 Oral Infection Facts Root Canal Dentist in Buffalo, NY

Oral infections can be quite sneaky, seeming to suddenly appear in the mouth and cause problem after problem wherever they strike. When these infections penetrate the teeth, common nuisances such as pain, sensitivity, and inflammation are sure to follow. It is critical to receive treatment for tooth infections, not merely because of the discomfort that […]

The Complete Root Canal Guide

The Complete Root Canal Guide Endodontist in Buffalo, NY Dentist

The Complete Root Canal Guide was created to help patients learn more about root canals, and how endodontic treatment can help alleviate your tooth pain, and save your smile. Root canals… Most of us pale significantly when we hear those two words, especially from the mouth of a dentist. However, aside from the fact that […]