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Abscessed Teeth

Abscessed Teeth Tooth Infection Treatment Buffalo Root Canal Dentist

How To Recognize & Treat Abscessed Teeth If you are dealing with abscessed teeth or an infected tooth, you’re probably experiencing a lot of pain and want to get to a dentist as soon as possible. At Precision Endodontics, PC we help patients suffering from abscessed teeth every day. When a dental abscess occurs, bacteria […]

Apexification Therapy

Apexification Therapy

Apexification Therapy When your child gets a tooth injury, you may be feeling worried about how it is going to be fixed. With Apexification Therapy, the tooth can be saved. Apexification therapy encourages the root of your tooth to continue to grow and develop as the damaged or infected pulp is healed. Apexification and apexogenesis […]

Root Canal Symptoms

Root Canal Symptoms Endodontist in Buffalo, NY Root Canal Dentist

Root Canal Symptoms – 7 Signs You Might Need a Root Canal “Root canal” is a term that few people want to hear. The idea of drilling into a tooth or a gum is enough to cause a bit of unease. However, your dental health is important, and an experienced Root Canal specialist in Buffalo NY […]

Root Canal Treatment: General Overview

Root Canal Preparation

Root canals… Most of us pale significantly when we hear those two words, especially from the mouth of a dentist. However, aside from the fact that most stories about painful root canals are untrue because root canals actually do not hurt, dentists also point out that the temporary discomfort you may feel following a root […]

Tooth Pain? Avoid These 5 Mistakes

5 Mistakes to Avoid When a Tooth Hurts Buffalo Root Canal Dentist

An unhealthy or infected tooth can be a source of significant distress, pain and concern. And waiting to schedule an appointment at times like these can be most nerve-racking. In fact, patients often wish they had convenient and prompt access to information and answers regarding some of the concerns they experience while they wait to […]

Treating Cracked Teeth

Treating Cracked Teeth Buffalo Root Canal Dentist

Treating Cracked Teeth Not every dental issue is caused by bacteria, diet, or trauma. Even the most diligent brushers and flossers can damage their teeth through poor habits—habits in which they do not realize they engage. Endodontic treatment may be necessary when teeth become worn down. Watch the video below about treating cracked teeth to […]

Dental Technology We Use

Latest Dental Technology

Unfortunately, there is a lot of stigma around going to the endodontist, or any dentist for that matter. Root canal’s are perceived to be painfully dreadful procedures, but with the advancements in dental technology, that is no longer the case. In fact, due to our offices’ dedication to staying up to date with the latest […]

Treating Dental Trauma

Treating and Repairing Dental Trauma in Buffalo, NY

Treating Dental Trauma in Buffalo, NY Although mouth guards greatly reduce the risk, about 5 million teeth a year are avulsed (completely “knocked out”), extruded (partially dislodged), or cracked during sporting events. While cracked, or chipped teeth may not require immediate care, both avulsed and extruded teeth need immediate attention if the tooth is to […]

Dental Microscopes

Dental Microscopes Experienced Buffalo Endodontic Dentists

Dental Microscopes If you are in need of a root canal, you may be concerned about pain after hearing horror stories from your friends or families past experiences. Lucky for you, with the latest advances in dental technology, dental microscopes also known as an endodontic microscope are very powerful devices used in root canals that […]

Root Canal Post Treatment

Root Canal Post Treatment | Buffalo Dentist Precision Endodontics

Root Canal Post Treatment If you need a root canal, you may be wondering what happens when it’s over. Will you be sore? Groggy? Will you be able to drive home or should you bring a friend to help? If you have questions about what you can or cannot do after a root canal, you’re […]