Damaged Teeth Treatments

Damaged Teeth Treatments Buffalo Endodontist Root Canal Specialist

Damaged Teeth Treatments

If you have a damaged tooth, you may be feeling nervous about how you are going to get it fixed. You may be relieved to know that tooth damage can be repaired.  The only question is the kind of procedure needed to address the issue. Here are a few damaged teeth treatments that we provide at Precision Endodontics.

Damaged Teeth Treatments: Chipped Teeth

If only the surface is chipped or cracked, a filling or reattachment usually restores the tooth. But if the pulp is exposed then an experienced Endodontist will probably need to perform a root canal.  The common symptoms for this include discomfort while breathing or drinking cold fluids.

Damaged Teeth Treatments: Extruded Teeth

If the tooth is pushed out of position, patients over 12 usually require a root canal to mend the root. Sometimes calcium hydroxide or other prescription medication is used, as well. Younger patients may be able to heal on their own once the tooth is stabilized.

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Damaged Teeth Treatments: Root Fracture

A traumatic injury may result in a horizontal fracture of the root. The long-term health of the tooth is determined by the location of the fracture. A fracture that is closer to the root tip has a better chance for success. Sometimes, a splint is used to stabilize the tooth for a certain period of time.

Damaged Teeth Treatments: Avulsed Teeth

If the avulsed tooth is handled very carefully and immediate care is given, the tooth can probably be replaced into the socket, and restored with a subsequent root canal. “Immediate attention” usually means 30 minutes or less. After that time, it is harder to save the tooth.

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