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Unfortunately, there is a lot of stigma around going to the endodontist, or any dentist for that matter. Root canal’s are perceived to be painfully dreadful procedures, but with the advancements in dental technology, that is no longer the case. In fact, due to our offices’ dedication to staying up to date with the latest innovations in dental technology, we are able to provide patients with pain-free root canal treatment in a calm and relaxing environment. We even have a therapy dog available for patients with anxiety.

At Precision Endodontics, we strive to provide top-notch dental care to our patients while educating them about oral health. The specialty of endodontics largely comprises root canal treatments, which are necessary procedures in curing oral infections, but these treatments sometimes appear intimidating to many of our patients prior to their first visits.

One of the ways through which we seek to remove any such stigma about root canal treatments is through our use of state-of-the-art dental technology. Our office uses these devices to create virtual models of our patients’ dental roots, explain how treatment procedures will work, and assure our patients that they are in safe, qualified hands.

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Precision Endodontics Uses Cutting-Edge Dental Technology in All Treatments.

One of the first things that people notice about our office is the dental technology that elevates our office well above others in this area. Every procedure is 100% microscopic, so you will see surgical microscopes on every ceiling. We also have a 3D imaging machine, so if we have a question about your tooth or need more information for an accurate diagnosis, a low radiation CAT can be pulled up on the large monitor beside the dental chair. We can go over the image with you, virtually turning your tooth inside out, looking at it three-dimensionally, and spinning it around. There are rather few cases for which we cannot arrive at an accurate diagnosis and proper treatment.

Dental Cone Beam Computed Tomography Is Unparalleled in Its Precision.

We have one of the newest and most advanced 3D cone beam CT machines in the market. The Carestream 8100 allows us to take three-dimensional images of the tooth and jaw to aid in diagnosis and treatment. We have the ability to see root fractures and extra root canals with this dental technology. Some cases are difficult to diagnose, and many of our patients have had prior root canal treatment, so we must determine why the first procedure did not work. The Carestream 8100 allows us to look inside the tooth and see any root fractures. If other canals or anomalies exist that were not treated before, we need to work on those. Because of the Cone Beam CT scan machine’s 3D imaging capability, your dentist may refer you to us for a 3D image to guide her or him in placing an implant. The 3D image also offers your dentist more information about anything questionable in your jaw or tooth.

Our Dental Technology Can Locate the Very End of Each Tooth’s Root.

When you visit us, you will notice that we use numerous technologies to perform our procedures. One machine that we use is the apex locator, which helps locate the tooth’s apex, or the end of the root. While we clean and fill the inside of the tooth, we depend on that precision to make sure we are exactly where we want to be. An additional benefit is that using the apex locator requires the need for fewer x-rays, and the treatment is thus far more comfortable.

We Use Microscopes to Gaze into the Bases of Our Patients’ Teeth.

We utilize surgical operating microscopes with optimally enhanced magnification to visualize the tiny details inside your tooth, up to 20 times greater than the naked eye, and we implement fiber optic illumination to visualize complex root canal anatomy, allowing us to deliver optimal treatment outcomes. At our office, every procedure, every consultation, and every treatment is guided 100% by a dental microscope. Dental technology such as microscopes enable us to see more clearly and ensure more successful outcomes than would be possible without the microscope.

Advances in X-Ray Technology Provide the Same Benefits, but with Less Radiation.

Another piece of equipment that usually excites our patients is our new x-ray device. Instead of the infamous overhead pole, which required everyone to leave the room in order to work, we now sit beside you while holding this instrument and take the x-ray. The scanner produces an amount of radiation that is almost zero.

Progress in medical and dental technology has radically increased the quality of endodontic treatments, allowing dental health care professionals to more effectively identify the sites in need of treatment and to ensure that all surgeries have an even higher rate of success. If your dentist considers you a strong candidate for root canal therapy, our team of skilled endodontists, armed with our arsenal of CT scanning machines and sensitive microscopes, can work with you to determine the ideal course of treatment to repair your teeth.

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