Dental Therapy Dog Benefits

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Dental Therapy Dog Benefits

Anxiety and fear are very common experiences and feelings in the human psyche. These feelings come from our natural born and intrinsic instincts imposed upon us to warn and protect us from potentially dangerous effects. Our fears and anxieties may kick in during non-life-threatening situations too, though. Statistically, at least 35 percent of people are afraid of visiting the dentist due to this fear. It even stops people from visiting the dentist altogether. This is detrimental to health, as getting regular dental checkups can ensure proper oral health and hygiene is being maintained. Without this care, your body and health could suffer. Thankfully, solutions to ease these fears are beginning to be placed throughout dentists’ offices. One such potential solution is the use of a dental therapy dog. When exposed to a therapy dog, studies have shown that anxiety decreases in people. Let’s take a look at how a dental therapy dog can improve your experience at the dentist.

Why Use A Dental Therapy Dog?

Dogs are just one of the beneficial therapy and support animals that help relieve stress in humans. Animals are known to calm people down due to the way we treat and associate with them in our lives. Typically, dogs are chosen because we relate more closely to them than any other animal. Studies and statistics have shown that when a human being pets a dog or other animal, their stress levels decrease significantly. This is because doing so produces excess oxytocin in the body. This chemical reduces and. Combats the level of cortisol produced, which is the chemical associated with elevated stress levels. Blood pressure drops and you’re able to sit and relax more comfortably when an animal is involved, especially a dog. If you’re fearful of the dentist and are looking for relief through this anxiety, consider finding a dentist that offers a dental therapy dog in office!

Positives of a Dental Therapy Dog

Dental therapy dogs can provide patients with mental and emotional support just by being there physically for them. This is because, as mentioned previously, certain chemicals in the body are triggered and repressed more significantly when a calming service animal is involved. There are many ways in which this can help those in a dentist’s office. First of all, the animal will allow the individual patient to turn their attention away from the procedure. Diverting their focus, patients will be less fearful and anxious about what is being done to them orally and allow them to feel safer and more relaxed in the dentist’s chair. This is an example of positive distractions. A second reason a dental therapy dog is beneficial is that they give people something to look forward to in terms of their appointment. According to the American Dental Association, about 15 percent of Americans avoid visiting the dentist because of their fear. Having a dental therapy dog in office will allow people to become more excited and look forward to visiting their dentist. This is helpful across both children and adults, regardless of age. If you have significant anxiety related to visiting the dentist, finding a dentist’s office that offers a dental therapy dog can significantly calm you and allow you a positive experience.

Visit with Coco, our Dental Therapy Dog

As mentioned throughout the above writing, if you are fearful or anxious regarding visiting the dentist, it is important that this does not prevent you from attending your bi-yearly appointments. Doing so could lead to significant oral damage over time. To combat this fear, finding a dentist’s office that offers a dental therapy dog could increase the positive emotions you feel towards your appointment. Don’t let fear run your life, just spend time with our furry friend Coco at Precision Endodontics.

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