Endodontic Surgeries

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Endodontic Surgeries

If you need endodontic surgeries, you may be worried about the procedure. In the hands of a skilled endodontist, your procedure will go smoothly.

Endodontic surgeries primarily serve the purpose of saving, conserving and preserving your natural dentition. In nearly all cases, minimally-invasive root canals are more than sufficient to repair even severely damaged teeth. In most cases, these repairs last a lifetime. Sometimes the damage is too severe to address with these traditional techniques or, for various reasons, subsequent issues arise. Dental implants were really the only option in these situations. However, recent advances in endodontic microsurgery offers similar success rates to dental implants and a way to retain your natural dentition. In most cases, a new crown is not necessary following endodontic surgery offering a less expensive way to save your tooth than a dental implant.

Endodontic surgeries can be utilized to identify slight fractures, or hidden canals that were not found on x-rays, or during prior treatment. Surgery could also be required to eliminate calcium deposits in the root canals, or repair the surfaces of damaged roots, and the encompassing bone of the tooth.

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There are a variety of different procedures that can be utilized to salvage a tooth. The procedure most frequently used is called an Apicoectomy, which is sometimes used when there is a lingering infection or inflammation following a root canal treatment. During this procedure, we use the surgical microscope to access the gum tissue around the tooth to identify the foundational bone and eliminate any inflamed or infected tissue. We also extract the tip of the root. A tiny filling may be inserted to secure the end of the root canal, and a small number of stitches are put in place to aid in the healing of the tissue. Given time, the bone around the end of the root will heal itself. Local anesthetics are utilized to ensure the comfort of the patient, and often patients resume their regular activities the very next day. Discomfort after this treatment is typically minimal.

If you need endodontic surgeries, please call our Buffalo root canal specialists as soon as possible.

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