Endodontic Technology

Endodontic Technology

Endodontic Technology

Are you getting a root canal? At Precision Endodontics, we have the highest quality of endodontic technology to make your treatment as successful as possible.

Endodontic Technology | The Dental Microscope

The dental microscope enables us to obtain much higher definition and better lighting, which significantly enhances our ability to see detail. Endodontists can now see internal cracks, accessory canals, and other areas that are invisible without the microscope. Enhanced visibility enables us to increase the success rate of every procedure. These microscopes have still and video cameras. So we can show you actual images on the TV beside your chair. These images can even be emailed to your dentist to discuss your case while you’re still here, and agree on your best options.

Endodontic Technology | Apex Locator

One machine we use is the apex locator, which helps locate the tooth’s apex – the end of the root. The apex-locator allows us to precisely identify – within half, or even a quarter of a millimeter – the exact end of the root. While we clean and fill the inside of the tooth, we rely on that precision to make sure we’re exactly where we want to be. The other benefit is that fewer x-rays are needed and treatment is more comfortable.

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Endodontic Technology | Cone Beam CT Machine

A Cone Beam CAT Scan Machine is a low-radiation machine that takes a 3D image and visually turns the tooth so we can look inside it and see any root fractures. If other canals or anomalies exist that weren’t treated before, we need to work on those. Because of the Cone Beam CAT Scan Machine’s 3D imaging capability, your dentist may refer you to us for a 3D image to guide him in placing an implant. The 3D image also offers your dentist more information about anything that may be questionable in your jaw or tooth.

Endodontic Technology | New X-Ray Technology

Another piece of equipment that patients usually get excited about, is our new x-ray device. Instead of the long overhead pole you’re used to seeing that required everyone to leave the room, we now sit beside you while holding this instrument and take the x-ray. The amount of radiation emitted is almost zero. The amount of radiation one receives is always cause for concern for many patients, and some even wonder whether or not they should have more dental x-rays. The digital x-ray machines used by Precision Endodontics and a few other offices ensure that a minimal amount of radiation is emitted. We also use a lead apron, so there’s rarely a need for concern about radiation.

If you want to know more about endodontic technology, please call our Buffalo office today! We guarantee painless root canals.

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