Enhancing Root Canal Procedures with Cutting-Edge Technology

Enhancing Root Canal Procedures with Cutting-Edge Technology

Edward Teller, often popularized as the father of the hydrogen bomb, once said that “the science of today is the technology of tomorrow”. And he was right.  In endodontics, every procedure is 100% microscopic, especially at Precision Endodontics PC. So you will likely see surgical microscopes up on every ceiling. We also have a 3D imaging machine, so if we have a question about your tooth or need more information for an accurate diagnosis, a low radiation CAT can be pulled up on the large monitor beside the dental chair. This enables us to turn your tooth inside out, look at it three-dimensionally and spin it around.

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The Dental Microscope

The Dental MicroscopeA dental microscope is an amazing device. It enables us to do things that used to be considered impossible. With a dental microscope, we can obtain higher definition images and better lighting, which significantly enhances our ability to see in detail. Endodontists can now see internal cracks, accessory canals, and other areas that are invisible without the microscope. Enhanced visibility enables us to increase the success rate of every procedure.

We also know that dental procedures tend to put most patients a little on edge. Well guess what? These nifty gadgets have both still and video cameras whose images can be projected on to a screen. So, you can actually see what we are doing on a TV screen right beside your chair! These images can even be emailed to your dentist to discuss your case and options, all while you are still here at the office.

A dental microscope is by no means a modest investment. Yet, dentists do not buy these devices to create microscope-centered practices that yield rich returns on investment. Profit is an afterthought. We do it out of a commitment to our patients, we do it out of a passion for excellence.


  • Dental microscopes enable endodontists to see internal cracks, accessory canals, and other areas that are invisible to the naked eye.
  • We use dental microscopes it out of a commitment to our patients, we do it out of a passion for excellence.

Apex Locator

Apex LocatorAnother machine, and one that we are very fond of, is the apex locator, which helps locate the tooth’s apex – the end of the root. It helps us determine the position of the apical constriction and thus determine the length of the root canal space. The apex-locator allows us to precisely identify – within half, or even a quarter of a millimeter – the exact end of the root.

Thus, one of the chief benefits of using an apex locator is precision. (We love puns!) Contrary to popular fears, we are not fumbling around the inside of your mouth like we’re looking for a switch in the dark. And with the apex locator, it is rather like we developed a sixth sense. While we clean and fill the inside of an affected tooth, we rely on the precision of the apex locator to make sure we are exactly where we want to be.

The other benefit is that with an apex locator, fewer x-rays will be needed. This implies minimal exposure to radiation. Sure, it postpones your dreams of being an X-man, but hey, at least you minimize the risk of cancer and radiation poisoning! Additionally, fewer x-rays means that your treatment will be far more comfortable.


  • An apex locator is used to locate the tooth’s apex.
  • The most significant benefit of using one of these is precision.

Cone Beam CT Machine

Cone Beam CT MachineThe Cone Beam CT Machine is a highly evolved machine that has revolutionized 3D dental imaging. species A Cone Beam CAT Scan Machine is a low-radiation machine that takes a 3D image and visually flips and turns the tooth so we can look inside it to see if there are any root fractures. If other canals or anomalies exist that missed detection and treatment prior to this, a Cone Beam CT Machine helps us locate them, and consequently, treat them.

Because of the Cone Beam CAT Scan Machine’s 3D imaging capability, your dentist may refer you to us for a 3D image to guide him in placing an implant. The 3D image also offers your dentist more information about anything that may be questionable in your jaw or tooth.


  • The Cone Beam CT Machine offers dental professionals a 3D image of the tooth that can be flipped and turned to look inside the tooth.
  • Often, your regular dentist may refer you to us to acquire a 3D image to aid them while they treat you.

New X-Ray Technology

New X-Ray TechnologyAnother piece of equipment that patients usually get excited about, is our new x-ray device. Instead of the long overhead pole you are probably used to seeing that required everyone to leave the room, we now sit beside you while holding this instrument and take the x-ray. The amount of radiation emitted is almost zero.

The amount of radiation one receives is always cause for concern for many patients, and some even wonder whether or not they should have more dental x-rays. The digital x-ray machines used by Precision Endodontics and a few other offices ensure that a minimal amount of radiation is emitted. We also use a lead apron, so there is rarely a need for concern about radiation.


  • Our new x-ray technology involves a smaller, more compact device.
  • This new technology emits a negligible amount of radiation.

Whether you are suffering with a tooth that needs a root canal, or are being asked to see an endodontist by your general dentist, contact Dr. Aaron McCann of Precision Endodontics to fix your smile.  Dr. McCann is a root canal specialist in Buffalo NY, and is available to help you.

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