How a Root Canal Can Save Your Tooth

As an experienced Buffalo Endodontist, I often use root canal therapy to save teeth. Watch this video to learn how a root canal can save your tooth.

  • Because the roots of your teeth are actually like pipes – meaning they’re hollow in the middle – each one has a root canal inside where the nerve and the blood supply are located.
  • When you’re young, the nerves and cells that help teeth form are located there.
  • As you get older, if cavities form, bacteria are able to enter the tooth and cause inflammation or infection.
  • Root canal treatment goes through the tooth into those canals, cleaning, disinfecting, and then sealing them to prevent further issues.
  • Root canal treatment helps save your tooth and keep it healthy.

This educational video was brought to you by Dr. Aaron McCann, an experienced Buffalo Endodontist specializing in root canals.

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