How to Choose the Best Endodontist

Experienced Buffalo root canal specialist explains how to choose the best endodontist to help treat your tooth.

This educational video was brought to you by Dr. Aaron McCann, a Buffalo Root Canal Specialist.

When patients come in to see me as a Buffalo Root Canal Specialist, they often want to know how to choose the best endodontist for them. There are many factors to consider but I’d like to highlight the main concerns and considerations you should think about when seeking an endodontist to help treat your tooth.

  • The first thing I would suggest is a recommendation from your general dentist.
  • If you have confidence in your dentist, you can have confidence in the specialist to whom they refer you.
  • Speak with friends and family who can share their personal opinions.
  • Do some research on the specific doctor, such as where they did their training and how much training they’ve had, what types of technology they’re using, and that they offer state-of-the-art treatment that follows the standard of care in every aspect.

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