How We Repair a Root Canal that Didn’t Heal Correctly

As an experienced Buffalo Endodontist, I often talk about using endodontic surgery to repair a root canal that didn’t heal correctly. Watch this video to learn how we repair a root canal that didn’t heal correctly.

  • In certain cases, when a prior root canal is not working, we might have to perform an endodontic surgery called an apicoectomy.
  • If a prior root canal hasn’t healed the way it was expected to, we can do a reverse root canal, remove whatever is unhealthy, and enable the patient to save the tooth.
  • The major advantage of this procedure is that we can help save the tooth without affecting any of the patient’s restorative work, so they won’t have to revisit their dentist.

This educational video was brought to you by Dr. Aaron McCann, an experienced Buffalo Endodontist specializing in root canals.

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