Who Needs Root Canals?

Who Needs Root Canals Buffalo Root Canal Specialists

Who Needs Root Canals?

If you are worried about oral discomfort, you may be wondering what to look for. This blog will tell you who needs root canals and the symptoms you should be aware of.

Who Needs Root Canals | Endodontic Treatment

Roughly 14 million people undergo root canals each year, making this procedure one of the most common types of dental treatments. That being said, many people today still put off necessary root canals because of the fear of discomfort.  The truth is the discomfort from a diseased or damaged tooth is much worse than anything that occurs at a dental office.

The first step is to have an endodontist perform a thorough examination.  We will assess the tooth damage and provide you with all available treatment options. Then, we work with you to minimize out-of-pocket costs and maximize results.

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Who Needs Root Canals? | Good Root Canal Candidates

A damaged tooth, with even a hairline crack, often allows bacteria to penetrate the pulp and infect the nerve of the tooth.  So, almost any damaged tooth requires some form of advanced therapy to ensure sound tooth health. A patient who exhibits symptoms of these are not merely good candidates for root canals, but they likely require root canal treatment.

Who Needs Root Canals? | Common Symptoms

Once infection sets in, many patients experience severe sensitivity to extreme temperatures.  There may also be persistent swelling around the gum line. However, in other cases, the damage is not readily visible, and only a digital X-ray reveals the true nature and extent of the damage to a tooth.

If left untreated, a damaged tooth can cause major complications. Initially, the swelling spreads to other areas of the mouth, and eventually to the face and neck. Shortly thereafter, as the infection worsens, bone loss starts to set in around the nerve. In many cases, the resulting drainage seeps into the skin.

If you have any further questions about who needs root canals, please call our skilled Buffalo root canal specialists today.

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