Our Endodontic Technology

Our Endodontic Technology

Our Endodontic Technology

If you need a root canal, you may be wondering about how our endodontic technology is beneficial to your health. We have the newest technology and would be happy to explain the benefits of it all. Here is what you need to know.

Our Endodontic Technology | Ultrasonics

Another technology is ultrasonics, which we use for various reasons. If we’re re-treating a tooth inside which your previous dentist installed a post, we can use ultrasonics to vibrate that post out and allow us to re-treat the entire tooth. At the end of every procedure, we use an ultrasonic device and a number of irrigants to do a final disinfection. This allows passive ultrasonic irrigation to deliver the most thorough disinfection possible and offer you the best success.

Our Endodontic Technology | Cone Beams

Some cases are difficult to diagnose, and some patients have had prior root canal treatment. When that happens, we have to determine why the procedure didn’t work the first time. One new technology we use is a Cone Beam CAT Scan Machine. This low-radiation machine allows us to take a 3D image of your tooth or jaw, and then visually turn your tooth, actually looking inside it to determine whether there are any root fractures. If other canals or anomalies to the anatomy weren’t treated before, we need to work on those.

Because we have the Cone Beam CAT Scan Machine’s 3D imaging capability, your dentist might refer you to us for a 3D image to guide him in placing an implant into an area where you are losing – or have already lost – a tooth. It’s also helpful if there’s something in your jaw or tooth, about which your dentist wants more information.

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Our Endodontic Technology | New Technologies

When you come into our office, one of the first things you’ll notice is our technology. Our office stands well above most of the offices you can visit in this area. Every procedure we do is 100% microscopic, so you’ll see surgical microscopes on every ceiling. That’s what we use for all of our treatments. Everything is digital x-rays.

We actually have a 3D imaging machine, so if we have a question about your tooth, or something concerns us, or we need more information for an accurate diagnosis, we can take a low radiation CAT scan right in our office and pull it up on the large monitor right beside the dental chair. That way, we can go over it with you, turning your tooth inside out and looking at it three-dimensionally and spinning it around. It’s really a neat technology, and it means there are very few cases for which we can’t come up with an accurate diagnosis and proper treatment.

Our Endodontic Technology | New X-Ray Technology

Another piece of equipment you’ll find in our office, and one that patients usually get excited about, is the new device we use to take x-rays. Instead of the long pole that used to swing over your head and require everyone to leave the room, we can now hold this instrument, sit next to you and take the x-ray. The scanner and the amount of radiation are both almost zero.

Our Endodontic Technology | Dental Microscope

One thing you can expect to experience at our office is that every procedure, every consultation, every treatment will be done 100% with a dental microscope. Dental microscopes enable us to see more clearly and provide better, more successful treatment outcomes than would be possible if the cases were not done with a microscope. Please call our office today to schedule an appointment for your next endodontic concern.

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