Pain-Free Root Canal Treatment

Pain-Free Root Canal Treatment | Enhanced Dental Technology

How Enhanced Dental Technology Helped Make Root Canals Pain-Free

Have you been experiencing a lot of pain in one or more of your teeth that cause you discomfort throughout your day? Is this pain increasingly getting worse, or is the pain so severe it is preventing you from completing daily tasks such as eating? If so, it may be time you visit your dentist to talk about the possibility of Pain-Free Root Canal treatment. A root canal is an oral procedure that involves saving the natural tooth and healing the infected pulp located inside the tooth. Often times, if a dentist or endodontist prescribes a root canal to someone, they fill with fear due to the thought or concept of pain associated with the procedure. Thankfully, due to modern medicine and technology, a root canal has become a relatively simple procedure that only requires between one or two appointments. The dread that once came from a root canal procedure can now be filled with a happy mouth and no oral pain throughout the process.

What Exactly is a Root Canal?

A root canal is a procedure that can be completed by dental specialists and endodontists. They involve the general cleaning and removal of dental pulp and nerves. This is often done due to infection, severe decay, or because of dentist recommendation. Because most root canals are performed because of an infection of the dental pulp and nerves inside the tooth itself, there could be significant issues if they are left untreated. For example, if you don’t visit your dentist at the first sign of pain and you leave your condition to worsen, any tissues around the infected tooth can become infected. When the infection spreads, painful abscesses can form, leading to a more uncomfortable and dangerous situation. If your dentist or endodontist recommends you receive a root canal, don’t be fearful, as new technologies and advances in medicine have allowed us to provide pain-free root canal treatment throughout Western New York.

Pain-Free Root Canal Treatment

As mentioned previously, dentists and endodontists have discovered ways to make root canal treatments and procedures as pleasurable as possible. This means the process is not like how it used to be with little medicine and harsh treatments. Now, medicines like local anesthetic or other IV and general anesthesia are available. Typically, dentists and endodontists will first offer patients local anesthetic if the case isn’t too severe and unmanageable. Local anesthetic is administered with a shot or poke of the medicine around the area of infection. The most you’ll feel is a slight pinch, followed by a little warmth and pressure. After a few minutes, you won’t feel anything but your endodontist pressing on the area! Additionally, easier to manipulate tools are used today, making it simpler for your dentist and endodontist to move around your mouth comfortably. With these medical and dental advances, we are pleased to be able to provide pain-free root canal treatment at both of our convenient Western New York locations.

Looking for Pain-Free Root Canal Treatment?

Getting a root canal when necessary is a very important procedure, especially if caught sooner rather than later. While your first instinct may be fear or dread after learning you need a root canal, understanding how the root canal is performed and how you won’t feel any pain associated with the procedure, you may be able to feel calmer about your upcoming procedure. If you are in excruciating pain and can’t wait, contact us as soon as possible to schedule your pain-free root canal treatment! This way, you’ll be able to live your best life and feel as comfortable as possible in the long term. Root canals are a painless way to solve the discomfort you may be feeling in your teeth!

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