Preparing for a Root Canal

Preparing for root canal

Preparing for a Root Canal

If you are about to undergo a root canal, you may be wondering if there are any special precautions you must take both before and after the procedure. Our experienced Buffalo endodontist, Dr. Aaron McCann, discusses preparing for a root canal and what you should expect.

Preparing for a Root Canal| Eating Before a Root Canal

As an experienced Buffalo endodontist, patients will often ask whether eating before root canal treatment is safe. We recommend taking your usual medications and eating whatever you normally would prior to having a root canal. After the procedure, you will be numb, just as if you had a filling done, and won’t want to eat for a while. It’s best to wait for the numbness to go away before eating to avoid biting your tongue.

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Preparing for a Root Canal | Sedatives

As a Buffalo Endodontist, I am often asked about root canal sedation options. You might wonder if you need root canal sedatives, or whether the experience itself is something you don’t want to remember. In fact, it should be boring. I have never sedated a patient, and there are several reasons to not use root canal sedatives. In addition to the cost of root canal sedatives, you’ll need a driver. You’ll lose a whole day of work and need someone to watch you until the sedation wears off. We make the experience both comfortable and pleasant for you so that once the anesthesia goes away, you can go about your normal life. Root canal sedatives are not needed.

Preparing for a Root Canal | Driving After a Root Canal

I often talk to patients that wonder if driving after root canal treatment is okay. The numbness that accompanies a root canal is no different from that administered for a filling or having your teeth cleaned (if your dentist numbs you for a cleaning). When you leave our office, you can drive yourself and return to work or go about normal activities.

Are you scheduled to go for a root canal? Do you want to know more about root canal preparation? Contact dedicated Buffalo Endodontist Dr. Aaron McCann for your oral health needs.

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