Reasons Your Dentist May Refer You to an Endodontist

Reasons Your Dentist May Refer You to an Endodontist | Buffalo

If you’ve ever been to the dentist, which most people have, you’d know that they specialize in preventative treatment of the mouth and teeth. These include methods like taking x-rays to track the growth of your teeth, general cleansing and flossing, and gum inflammation prevention. Dentists are also able to diagnose various oral problems like bacterial infections, cavities, and deep-rooted decay. While they can identify these problems, some of the more extreme cases may be better for different professionals. This is where the endodontist comes in to play. They have at least two years of additional experience in more complex issues. There are various reasons, as to why your dentist, refer you to an endodontist. Read the most common reasons below.

You May Need a Root Canal

One of the main issues that endodontists deal with are damaged roots. When the dental pulp which contains the nerves is damaged in some way, a root canal should be performed. Root canals are great ways to save your natural tooth and avoid long term pain. Dentists are typically unable to perform this procedure effectively, especially if they weren’t formally trained.

With this, your dentist will likely refer you to an endodontist to perform an evaluation and complete a root canal if necessary. You’re in good hands at an endodontist office when a root canal is on the table!

You’ve Previously Had a Root Canal

If you had a root canal in the past, it’s likely that the procedure went well. In fact, there is over a 90 percent chance of a successful procedure, especially if the tooth was capped afterwards. Other times, though, if the patient is experiencing negative symptoms associated with a failed root canal, you may be referred to an endodontist. They will be able to better examine the root of the tooth and determine if further action should be taken.

If this is the case, they may perform an apicoectomy. This procedure fills and seals the entire length of the root. Remember that when your dentist refers you to an endodontist, it’s not a bad thing. They do so to protect your mouth and ensure that everything is up to appropriate standards.

You Have a Large Crack in Your Tooth

One of the third most common reasons why a dentist may refer you to an endodontist is because you have a large crack in your tooth. Breaks and tooth decay can lead to bacteria harboring in the root of your tooth. If severe enough, this could lead to potential dental pulp damage. The only thing to save your tooth after this point is by performing a root canal which endodontists do daily.

Preserving your natural tooth is important and should be done as soon as possible. If your dentist has referred you to an endodontist, it’s best to follow up with them to confirm your treatment and make an appointment. You don’t want to put off a visit, as it won’t heal on its own, and leaving it alone won’t help anyone.

Dentist will Refer You to an Endodontist

If your dentist has recommended or referred you to an endodontist, it’s likely because they want to pass you to someone more knowledgeable and capable.

Here at Precision Endodontics PC, you can sit easy knowing that you’re in good hands. We’ll examine your oral condition to determine the best course of action for you. Preserving your teeth, rather than extracting them for good, is more beneficial for you.

Visit us today or schedule an appointment for a treatment plan from one of the best endodontics locations in the area.

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