Root Canal Expectations

Root Canal Expectations Endodontist in Buffalo NY Dr. Aaron McCann

What to Expect When You Need a Root Canal

Your dental health is of paramount importance, and while daily brushing and flossing may solve or prevent most tooth-related conditions, everyone can benefit from the thoroughness and attention to detail that can only be found in a visit to a dental care professional. Endodontists are responsible for getting in the trenches, so to speak, and repairing all damage that has occurred deep within or below your teeth. If you are scheduled to come into the office, your root canal expectations could be negative, but they shouldn’t.  Be sure to remember these facts about the root canal process if you are worried about your dental health.

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Root Canal Expectations

1. Deterioration in a Tooth Can Be Repaired with Dental Work…

Deterioration in a Tooth Can Be Repaired with Dental WorkAny damage to a tooth—even a hairline crack—often allows bacteria to penetrate the pulp and infect the nerve of the tooth. For that reason, every damaged tooth requires some form of advanced therapy to ensure sound tooth health. Patients who exhibit symptoms of these are not merely good candidates for root canals, but also likely require root canal treatment.

2. …Though There Are Some Symptoms That Necessitate Root Canals.

Though There Are Some Symptoms That Necessitate Root CanalsOnce infection sets in, many patients experience marked sensitivity to differences in temperature. There may also be persistent swelling around the gum line. However, in other cases, the damage is not readily visible, and only a digital X-ray reveals the true nature and extent of the damage to a tooth. If left untreated, a damaged tooth can cause major complications. Initially, the swelling spreads to other areas of the mouth, and eventually to the face and neck. Shortly thereafter, as the infection worsens, bone loss starts to set in around the nerve. In many cases, the resulting drainage seeps into the skin.

3. Our Office Takes Your Financial Needs into Account.

Our Office Takes Your Financial Needs into AccountIf you suspect that there has been damage to one of your teeth, the first step for you to take is to have an endodontist perform a thorough examination. Our office assesses the tooth damage and provides our patients with all available treatment options. We then work with our patients to minimize out-of-pocket costs and maximize results.

4. A Root Canal Is a Straightforward Process.

A Root Canal Is a Straightforward ProcessA root canal typically requires only one office visit. After a thorough evaluation, your endodontist will gently numb the area. Many patients describe the mild discomfort associated with this to that of a regular filling. After clearing out bacteria and other debris, our root canal specialist seals the tooth to prevent further damage or decay. The inside of the tooth is sealed as well in order to further fortify the area. If your teeth require extra work, such as cosmetic restoration, all additional procedures can be performed as well.

5. Recovery Is Nothing to Worry About.

Recovery Is Nothing to Worry AboutMany patients are amazed at the difference between a damaged and a healthy tooth. The discomfort that patients experienced before their root canal procedure dissipates almost immediately. In those first few days after the procedure, over-the-counter pain relievers are normally more than enough to relieve any lingering discomfort. It is also a good idea to chew on the other side of one’s mouth in those first 72 to 96 hours.

Our office has substantial experience performing root canals and guiding our patients through the brief recovery period. Your root canal expectations may be to think of the worst. our office prioritizes your needs and your comfort above all else, and our work has helped patients revitalize their dental health. If you have been coping with tooth pain or similar symptoms, contact our expert endodontist in Buffalo NY, Dr. Aaron McCann to assess whether you would be a good candidate for a root canal.

Many people worry about root canals, and often have unnecessarily negative root canal expectations. Check out our Complete Guide to a Stress Free Root Canal to help alleviate your concerns if you are at all worried about a root canal procedure. Download Our Free Root Canal Guide

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