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When kids are young, they can have dental issues that if left alone can lead to severe problems throughout the rest of their life. One type of these issues involves a decaying tooth due to wearing from sugar consumption or other cause. A root canal is a treatment for decaying, or infected teeth. During the root canal procedure, a pediatric dentist will remove the decayed portion of the tooth and seal it to protect it from further damage. Your child may need a root canal if they are experiencing any aching, discomfort, or sensitivity in the tooth area. Other symptoms may include discoloration or darkening of the tooth, swelling in the gums surrounding the tooth, or fluids draining from the tooth area. Below you can read about some common questions and concerns you may have about a root canal for kids.

Before A Root Canal For Kids

When you first find out that your child may need a root canal, they can often be nervous for the procedure, which is normal. It is important to listen to your child and comfort them. Speak to them positively and with a gentle tone to make them feel understood. Sometimes, a soothing voice can make all the difference. If they have a lot of anxiety, help them through breathing exercises like holding their breath until the count of three, or deep breathing. Talking to your child about each step in the procedure may relieve some of their anxiety and give them a sense of control after understanding the process. Make sure your child is well-rested the night before as well. Brush your teeth with them the night before to ensure they follow their dental routine. As long as your child is comfortable before the procedure, they should feel relaxed and not be nervous for treatment.

Root Canal For Kids Procedure

On the day of the procedure, the dentist will need to first get an x-ray of your child’s teeth to study the damage and see if it has spread to any other bone structures. Then, once the dentist is ready, they will use local anesthesia to numb the area for the procedure, which means your child will have a quick recovery and feel no pain. Next, the dentists will place a sheet of rubber in your child’s mouth to keep the tooth area clean and dry. The root canal can last up to two hours, and you may need to return for a second visit, depending on how infected the tooth area is. Once the dentist has finished repairing the area, they will seal the tooth. It may be a temporary seal, or a permanent seal. The dentist may use a temporary seal just to keep the tooth area clean and dry to heal, then have you make an appointment for the next week to come back to finish once the tooth is ready to be permanently sealed. A root canal procedure is typically easy and simple to perform, so there is no need to worry about complications.

Process of Recovery from a Root Canal For Kids

Sensitivity after a root canal is very common, thus chewing will not be as easy as usual for your child. Have soft foods like soup, rice, fruit purees, and ice cream, and a soft bristled toothbrush ready for your child at home. Pay close attention to any swelling in the jaw or tooth area, as well as any excessive pain you or your child may notice. These can be signs of infection. If you have any questions or concerns after the procedure, you can contact your pediatric dentist for assistance. To help with pain and swelling, if not already prescribed, purchase children’s over-the-counter pain reliever. Ice packs can also reduce swelling and redness.

Prevent Your Child’s Tooth Decay

In order to ensure your child will not have to go through another root canal, make sure your child is brushing and flossing every day. This is the most essential factor in healthy teeth. Limit your child’s sugar intake. Sugar is one of the leading causes of tooth decay in children. Creating a dental health routine that includes all of these elements to ensure your child has healthy teeth will help them significantly.

If your child is experiencing symptoms related to decaying teeth, contact your child’s pediatric dentist immediately, as waiting could cause further damage.

If the damage has been done and your child is in need of a root canal for kids, contact Precision Endodontics today. We provide pain-free treatment of root canal for kids and would love to help you get the pain-relief your child needs.

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