Root Canal Success Rates

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Root Canal Success Rates

Root canal treatments are specifically designed to restore teeth after a crack or a chip has made them vulnerable to infection. When an orthodontist enters an infected tooth, he or she can delve into the tooth’s root, knock out the infection, fill in the space that was created during the procedure, and leave the tooth looking and feeling as good as new with a dental crown in place, but what about the root canal success rates? Find out how effective a root canal treatment is by watching this video by Dr. Aaron McCann below:

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Root canal treatments are not only effective in treating infected teeth, however; a damaged tooth that has not become infected can also benefit from a root canal procedure to restore strength and functionality at every level of the tooth. Because root canals do involve going inside a tooth, there are questions among patients about how successful root canal treatments can be.

The success rate of root canal treatment is very high. When we complete treatment on a tooth that has not had a prior infection and was merely causing symptoms, we expect that with our treatment, plus the successful installation of a crown by our patients’ dentists, that our patients will have years and years of functionality in the treated tooth.

Do you have questions about root canal success rates, and what to expect during a root canal treatment? Download Our Free Root Canal Guide to learn more, then contact our office to schedule an appointment with our experienced Buffalo root canal specialists for a pain-free root canal treatment. We have a therapy dog named “Coco” who will help you feel at ease throughout your treatment and you can choose your own music to play during your therapy. We strive to make you feel comfortable and relaxed and forget you are even receiving a root canal. Contact us today and find out how pain-free a root canal can be!

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