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Saving Your Natural Tooth | Precision Endodontics, PC | Buffalo

When someone discusses their first impression of someone, one of the most common qualities mentioned is the smile. Your smile shows how happy, open, and willing you are to your surroundings. If your smile isn’t your natural one, it can not only look and feel different, but it can create problems for you in the future. If you have the option to save your natural tooth, you should. Extraction should be a last resort and only completed when there is no way to save your natural tooth. Endodontists focus on saving teeth rather than removing them, so visiting one, could help you with the restoration. If you’re curious about why saving your natural tooth is more beneficial than extraction in the long run, read the information we’ve compiled below.  


In life, people always want to be safe. It’s what ensures they can live a long, happy, and comfortable life. With this, keep in mind that saving your natural tooth by means of root canal is a significantly safer way to treat your mouth than by extraction. That is because when you extract a tooth, there is greater risk of infection.

Bacteria that was once in the tooth can spread throughout the mouth and bloodstream and cause problems with your health. With a root canal, the material that causes the infection in the first place is being removed and therefore can’t spread throughout the mouth. If you’re looking for the safest way to treat your oral cavity, opt for a root canal for saving your natural tooth rather than an extraction 


One of the biggest misconceptions about root canals is that it’s the most painful procedure that someone can undergo. This, though, is not accurate. A root canal is actually one of the least painful processes in the dental industry. That’s because while there once was no form of anesthetic, now there are multiple. You’ll be administered a local or general anesthetic and won’t feel any pain throughout the entire process.

Whatever minimal discomfort comes afterwards is easily managed with a light pain medication dosage. On the other hand, extractions can cause significant pain. While you may not feel much during the actual procedure, aftercare is worse. Since something was just removed from your jawbone, it’ll likely ache for a longer period of time. If you’re someone who is concerned about pain during and after procedures, root canals are less painful and more beneficial.  

 Cost of Saving Your Natural Tooth 

Because root canals are special procedures that require delicate and intricate work, your upfront cost of a root canal procedure may be more expensive. In the long run, though, extractions will cost more. That’s because your dentist will typically quote you just for the extraction itself. After the extraction, in order to keep up proper dental hygiene and facial form, you’ll need either dentures or dental implants.

This is where the cost is exponentially higher. Multiple appointments are needed for implants, as a fake root must be placed and healed before you actually receive the faux tooth. The cost of an extraction will add up to a higher price and therefore a saving your natural tooth through use of a root canal will save you money in the future.

Precision Endodontics PC 

Opting to save your tooth rather than extracting it will nearly always be the best option for you. Endodontists, who specialize in tooth savior, are the perfect people to talk to about the differences. If you have more questions about why extraction is worse for you in the long run, contact Precision Endodontics PC.

Here, we can talk you through the differences between the two procedures and determine whether you qualify for a root canal. Remember to save your natural tooth rather than removing and replacing it with a fake one.  

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