Why You Might Need a Root Canal

Why You Might Need a Root Canal

Why You Might Need a Root Canal

Are you wondering why you might need a root canal? There are many reasons people should get a root canal and why they are necessary in certain instances. Here is what you need to know.

Why You Might Need a Root Canal | Save Your Tooth

Because the roots of your teeth are actually like pipes – meaning they’re hollow in the middle – each one has a root canal inside where the nerve and the blood supply are located. When you’re young, the nerves and cells that help teeth form are located there. As you get older, if cavities form, bacteria are able to enter the tooth and cause inflammation or infection. Root canal treatment goes through the tooth into those canals, cleaning, disinfecting, and then sealing them to prevent further issues. Root canal treatment helps save your tooth and keep it healthy.

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Why You Might Need a Root Canal | Tooth Decay

Diet and/or hygiene-related habits are the main causes of tooth decay. The best way to prevent tooth decay is to brush your teeth several times a day (with a toothpaste containing fluoride) and to floss one time every day. As much as possible, avoid items such as acidic foods, soft drinks and candy. Foods containing sugar feed bacteria and cause cavities.

Why You Might Need a Root Canal | How Your Tooth Got Infected

One way or another, bacteria found its way inside your tooth and caused infection. There may be a crack in your tooth or you may have had trauma to your tooth. Cavities are caused by bacteria slowly working their way inside the tooth and causing problems. The tooth will become inflamed, and you might have a toothache or sensitivity when you drink ice cold water or eat ice cream or other sweets.

Why You Might Need a Root Canal | Retreatment

Most root canal treatments are successful. However, retreatment is sometimes needed. Cases that were done elsewhere are sometimes sent to us for evaluation and help in developing a remedial plan. A root canal procedure that fails is usually attributable to bacteria that remain in the canal or, gradually seep back in and re-infect the tooth.

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