Why You Shouldn’t Wait to Get a Root Canal

Why You Shouldn’t Wait to Get a Root Canal | Precision Endodontics, PC

If you experience pain when you eat or drink temperate or textured foods, your teeth may be trying to tell you something. Pain is experienced when there is a problem in the body. When pain is located in the mouth, dentists and endodontists can best help identify and solve the issue. One of the most common oral issues that endodontists work on is a root canal procedure. Root canals are safe and painless procedures that involve the removal of the nerves and pulp within the root of a tooth. When these nerves are bothered in some way, you’ll have pain receptors fired off in your brain telling you that there is pain. When these nerves are removed, you take away the sensor which in turn removes the feeling of discomfort. If you need a root canal to relieve pain, it’s better to get one sooner rather than later. For a comprehensive list of reasons as to why you shouldn’t wait to get a root canal, read below.  

Pain and Discomfort 

One of the most sensical reasons to avoid waiting to get a root canal is because when you have one done, you’ll have significantly less pain and discomfort than before. As mentioned previously, since pain receptors signal the brain through nerve issues, if the nerves causing you pain are removed, there will be no ache. The longer you wait, the worse your discomfort will get. 

When you’re hurt, this can lead to other issues such as irritability and insomnia. If your pain is gone, you’ll be able to regulate your mood better. Additionally, you won’t be kept up at night, meaning you’ll get better sleep, that is why you shouldn’t wait to get a root canal. There’s no reason to live your life in pain when there is a simple treatment that can be performed by your local endodontist!  


When the pulp of your tooth’s root is damaged, it is likely that if left alone, the condition will worsen. If you avoid treatment until later, you risk developing a significant infection. Many times, a root canal is necessary because there was either tooth decay or a crack in your tooth that let bacteria in. If this is left to its own device, the bacteria and damage can spread and ultimately cause an infection.

Putting off treatment could mean you’d need a tooth extraction. This is when the entire tooth and root are removed from the jawbone. Since endodontists and root canals are meant to save the existing tooth, if handled appropriately when the condition is first seen, you’ll be able to have your own natural tooth function normally instead of needing to remove the entire tooth. 

Getting a root canal procedure can save you time, money, and future pain. If you have the opportunity to fix your tooth root now, it’s best to do so to avoid the possibility of extraction. Your endodontist can talk to you about your options, but if the condition has already worsened, this is your best option.  

Shouldn’t Wait to Get a Root Canal: Visit an Endodontist 

The pain and condition of your tooth’s root won’t get better on its own – in fact, it can only get worse, that is why you shouldn’t wait to get a root canal. Endodontists like Precision Endodontics PC can help you understand the process of a root canal and perform the procedure for you. To determine if you may qualify to get a root canal, schedule an appointment with us today.

During your consultation, we can observe the condition of your teeth and help you identify a potential course of action. Remember to call or visit us to schedule an appointment. Your time isn’t worth living in pain, so get a root canal procedure completed with us today.  

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